Hello friends, today we are going to give you complete information about WHO. You must have often heard the name of WHO. Whenever there is talk about any major disease in the world, we often hear about WHO. WHO is also talked about on TV and in newspapers. For complete information about WHO, you must read this article till the end.

What is WHO

Everyone wants to get good health, but there are many people in the world whose financial condition is very weak, they are unable to pay much attention to their health. Without caring about their health, they keep working hard for the upkeep of their family. And if those people ever get a disease, they consider it a minor disease and do not pay any attention to it. Keeping this in mind, WHO was established, which we know as the World Health Organization.

To provide good health to the people, to protect the health of the people, to give the best medicines to the people, to warn people about how to avoid sudden diseases, not to identify the diseases and inform them about different countries of the world. And WHO plays an important role in making necessary treatments and medicines to avoid disease.

When was WHO established?

WHO was accepted in the constitution on 22 July 1946 and then it was implemented on 7 April 1948. Let us tell you who is included in 194 countries around the world. India is also a member country of WHO. Now we tell you about what is the full form of the WHO 

WHO full form

” World Health Organisation  ” is the full form of WHO. From its name itself, we get an idea of what is the work of this institution.

Let us now inform you about the work of WHO and what is the purpose of WHO.

World Health Organisation 
world health organization 
World Health Organization

Functions of WHO – Functions of the World Health Organisation

The work of WHO is to provide good health to all people. This organisation works for the health-related services of people around the world. The head office of WHO, which we also call Head Quarter in English, is in the city of Geneva, Switzerland. As we told you above that the country of India is also a part of the World Health Organisation and India also has the main office of WHO which is located in Delhi.

Many people in the world are unable to take care of their bodies for the upbringing of their family, most of these people include those who are financially very weak. Keeping this in view, the United Nations established WHO i.s. World Health Organization.

 Many types of diseases in the world have caused great harm to the health of the people and some of these are major diseases such as polio, malaria, tuberculosis, and SARS. By identifying those diseases and how to avoid this disease, the WHO has done many things on how to treat the diseases. And this is the main task of the World Health Organization to identify diseases and take steps for their treatment, to protect the health of the people. 

If any major disease comes, then inform all the countries of the world about it. Telling the world about how to save people from that disease, how to fight against that disease. This is all the work of WHO. Whenever a new disease suddenly starts wreaking havoc in the world, the world does not have any kind of medicine to avoid that new type of disease, it does not know how to avoid that disease.

In such a situation, it is the work of WHO to warn everyone about such disease and it is also the work of WHO to give guidelines on how to avoid this disease. There are many types of diseases in the world which are still there and WHO is working on how to eradicate such diseases from the root.

Not only this, WHO also works on this that high types of medicines reach the people easily to deal with the disease. WHO has been doing its work in every country of the world, for this WHO offices are located in more than 150 countries of the world. Of these, an office of WHO is also located in India which is in Delhi.

You can get more information about Who by visiting the official website of  WHO


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