What is TSIP, TS-IPASS and features of TS-IPASS

From this article you will get complete information about TSIP (Telangana State Industry policy), TS-IPASS (Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self Certification System ), and features of TS-IPASS (Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self Certification System ).


Industrialization will be the key strategy followed for economic growth and development for Telangana, the 29th State of the country. The vision for industrialization of Telangana is “Research to Innovation; Innovation to Industry; Industry to Prosperity”. The industrial policy framework will be driven by the slogan “In Telangana – Innovate, Incubate, Incorporate”. The policy framework intends to provide a business regulatory environment where doing business would be as easy as shaking hands. Innovation and technology will drive the industries of the state.

The new Telangana State Industrial Policy will strive to provide a framework which will not only stabilize and make existing industries more competitive, but also attract and realize new international and national investments in the industrial sector The focus will be on core manufacturing sectors, with the creation of employment for urban and rural youth and adding value to existing skills emphasized at all stages.

The “Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self Certification System (TS-IPASS) Act, 2014” was enacted to create an investor friendly environment by repealing the AP Industrial Single Window Clearance Act, 2002. It provides speedy processing of applications for issue of various clearances at a single point. TS-IPASS is forward-looking and a model legislation in the country as it provides novel provisions such as automatic approval system on submission of self-certification by entrepreneurs.


Features of TS-IPASS

1. A single Common Application Form (CAF) for all departmental approvals

2. All departments connected for establishing and operation of an Enterprise brought under purview of TS-IPASS. 

3. Time Limits set for each approval vary from 1 day to a maximum of 30 days depending upon the complexity of the approval.

4. Pre-Scrutiny of the applications at State Level and District Level to assist the entrepreneurs in a proper submission of applications and to avoid delay in processing the files by the departments.

5. Making it mandatory for the Competent Authorities to seek shortfall/additional information required, if any, only once, within three days from receipt of the application.

6. Empowering the Entrepreneurs with Right to clearances under TS-IPASS, to know the reasons for delay if any in getting the clearance within time limits and penalizing the officers responsible for the delay.

7. Provision for automatic approval system on submission of a self-certification.

8. Providing all approvals within 15 days to mega projects by “Telangana State-Wide Investment Facilitation (T-SWIFT)” Board under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary to Government, to enable implementation of the project swiftly.

9. Proposals for setting up of 1,545 units were approved with an investment of Rs. 31,452 crore by end of January, 2016. The estimated employment generated from these units is 1.12 lakh.

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