What is programming language?

What is programming language?

Programming is the set of instructions given to carry out a particular task from the computer. It can also be understood in such a way that if you ever thought of making a dish after reading a recipe, then here you are the computer and the author of the recipe is the programmer who is providing you with the set of instructions. If the instructions are easy and clear, it will be very easy for you to follow them and if the instructions are complex then you will not be able to understand them and your dish will be ruined. 

Therefore, if such a mistake is not made with the computer, only then it is given the same instructions through the programming language, which if it can understand, then follow and give the desired result. Because the computer thinks in binary-only one and zero are the two numbers.

Now such programming languages ​​also give us the option that One and zero can translate into the term which we can understand and write. And thus programming language is a series of symbols, expressions and instructions which have translated our thoughts into computer understandable instructions.

 All these instructions are written in a specific language so that a given task can be performed.  A programming language is used to develop Desktop applications, websites and mobile applications.  Well, this is a programming language!

How many programming languages are there?

You will be surprised to know that we have around 9,000 different programming languages.  Many of these are such that they are specific to a particular machine.  That’s why they are not used now, but nowadays there are about 150 popular programming languages.

Now the question comes: why so many programming languages?

The answer would be that today we have many different types of digital devices which perform different functions. That’s why there is a programming language for every purpose according to their requirements. Some languages ​​are easier for programs to understand and use.  Like high-level languages, whereas many languages ​​are machine friendly,  Like low-level languages.

What are high level and low-level programming languages? 

 There are two types of programming languages, low level and high level. Low-level programming languages are close to machine code or binary.  That is why it is difficult for us to read it. But the advantage is that it is very fast and also gives precise control over the functions of the computer.  

Assembly language and machine language, that is machine code, was an example of low-level programming language. 

Whereas high-level programming languages are close to human communication because they use the words which we use in our daily life.

E.g. Object,  Order, class, Request etc.

So it is easy to understand and use, but it takes a lot of time to translate into machine code for the computer. Python, Visual Basics, Ruby PHP, C#, Java, Perl etc. Are the high-level programming languages only then you can understand and use them. 

Now you also know that most the popular programming languages ​​are object-oriented.  Object-Oriented Programming is based on objects. Reusing and manipulating them is very easy. Java, Python, C++ Perl, and lisp are object-oriented programming languages. 

There are many programming languages ​​in functional programming which are based on mathematical functions and also use linear mathematical logic, and they are used in big data analysis and list processing applications. Haskell, SML, Closure, Scala, Clean, F# and Mathematica are similar programming languages.

Then let us further find out which are the ten most popular programming languages and their uses of them.

Programming languages 
Programming language
What is programming language 
Java, kotlin, perl, Python, C, Scala, SQL, Kotlin, GO
Programming Language

1. C Programming Language 

This is a high-level procedural language that is in the most widely used languages. ​​It is used to create system applications.  Apart from this, it can also be used to create games, graphics, and applications where there are a lot of calculations. 

2. python programming language 

It is an Easy to Learn Programming Language that is Object Oriented High-Level Programming Language and is also quite famous. This versatile language also has many applications like web applications, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Java is a popular object-oriented programming language that is stable as well as a general-purpose language and is similar to JavaScript and Python. Its main uses include business software, web applications and mobile applications.  


Don’t get confused by its name as it is not directly related to Java.  This language uses syntax like Java. That’s why its name is JavaScript.

It’s a high-level Object-Oriented Language and many web browsers have JavaScript support.  If you are interested in coding client-side web browsers then you can learn this language.


PHP means Hypertext Preprocessor

It is easy to Learn the Coding Language used only for coding websites.  It can be used to manage dynamic content and databases on the website. It’s also a High-Level Object-Oriented Programming Language and it’s a  Server Side Scripting Language. 


 i.e. Structured Query Language is a domain-specific language, Which is designed to perform data management in a database.  It is such a general-purpose language that every developer must have basic knowledge of it. It is used by server developers, database administrators and software developers.  By the way, nowadays it is also being used in data analysis and big data mining. 

7. R

It’s a low-level function programming language that mainly focuses on statistical computing and graphical techniques. Statisticians and data miners use this language to develop statistical software and data analysis packages.

Apart from this, this language is also useful for Demographers, Data Scientists and Insurance Actuaries, to gain statistical inside.

8. Kotlin

 This language supports Object-oriented and functional programming. It’s a statically typed general-purpose programming language, which supports every Java library.  It is very easy to learn and it can be used for Android development as well as web development, and desktop application development.

9. Go

Nowadays the demand for this language among developers has increased a lot.  It is a statically typed programming language, which was developed by Google, and its syntax is similar to C.  In this, many features like garbage collection, dynamic typing, type safety and high-performance features are provided. It can be used in distributed systems and cloud computing.

10. Scala

A general-purpose programming language that supports the object-oriented programming paradigms. It is used in web development, data science and machine learning.

So, friends, these are the 10 most popular programming languages, but there are many other such programming languages, which are also popular and can be useful for you.

Therefore, before starting any language learning process, select the perfect language for yourself.  For this, take some knowledge about the language and then start your learning, so that your investment is in the right programming language and your career can benefit from it.

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