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The Go-Giver

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The Go-Giver

The Go-Giver 

Bob Burg and John David Mann

The Go-Giver
The Go-Giver summary
The Go-Giver summary in English


Are you a go-getter? Do you work hard yet you don’t reach the level of success you really wanted? If so, then this is the book for you. In the Go-Giver, you will learn about the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success. You will learn about the importance of giving. You will also learn the success stories of people who reached where they are because of giving.Don’t believe it? See for yourself. Give this book a chance and receive its wisdom today.

The Go-Getter

Joe is a go-getter. He wants be on the top. He works hard to be the number one agent in his firm. However, Joe couldn’t seem to get things right. He didn’t make the quota in the first and second quarters. The third quarter is about to end. Joe is panicking because he is still way behind his quota. And so, he sought the help of a famous consultant named Pindar. He is fondly called the Chairman. Aside from being a consultant, Pindar is also a mentor and a keynote speaker. He is also a business magnate. Pindar had retired from all his businesses to focus on helping other companies and professionals to succeed.Joe found Pindar really admiring. He asked the Chairman about his secret to success. Pindar just said one word. And that is “Giving”.Joe couldn’t quite believe it. People are used to the “dog-eat-dog” world where “every man is for himself.” After all, how can you make profit if you always give?

But Pindar invited him to an adventure. He would reveal to Joe the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success. For each day of the following week, Joe and Pindar would meet at lunch break.Pindar would take Joe to his friends so that he could learn all the laws one by one.There is a condition though. In order for Pindar to reveal all the secrets to Joe, he must promise one thing. Joe should apply the law that he learned that day.From lunch to bedtime, Joe should make sure that he tested the law in real life. That is so by the end of the week, he can see for himself the truth behind the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success.On Monday, Joe met the restauranteur named Ernesto. On Tuesday, he met the CEO named Nicole. On Wednesday, he met the financial adviser named Sam. On Thursday, he met the real estate broker named Debra. The fifth law was revealed on Friday by someone that Joe least expected.In the following chapters, you will learn five laws one by one. You will also learn the success stories of Ernesto, Nicole, Sam and Debra. You will also know how the story of Joe ends.

The Law of Value

The Law of Value is “Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.” This means that if you always add more value into your service at the same price, you will succeed. The more value you give, the more successful you become. Ernesto Iafrate is a real estate magnate. He is also a chef and owner of a restaurant business. Two decades ago, all that Ernesto had is one hotdog stand.He got some loyal customers. Word got around. It became so that the business executives in the city go to Ernesto for lunch.They just love his hotdogs so much. And so some of the executives decided to invest on Ernesto and help him start a restaurant. Ernesto had lots of customers. As usual, he gave them the best dining experience. He earned a huge profits.

Ernesto was able to buy out his restaurant from the executives. They were happy anyway because they had big returns. After that success, Ernesto opened up a few more restaurants in the city. He thought of investing on the commercial properties beside his restaurants. That’s how he became a real estate magnate.What is Ernesto’s secret to success? There are lots of hotdogs stands and restaurants in the city. They also offer delicious food. What makes Ernesto’s business different?The answer is that he gives more value. Ernesto’s first customers in his hotdog stand are children. He remembered all their names and birthdays. He also remembered their favorite color, cartoon character, et cetera. Ernesto loves kids. He chatted with them and gave them special treats. The kids came to know, like, and trust him. Eventually, they dragged their parents along.

Ernesto also remembered the names, birthdays, and interests of the adults. The parents also came to know, like, and trust him. Ernesto treats them like long-time friends and because of that, the parents always go back. They even referred Ernesto’s hotdogs to people they know. Other restaurants give food and service that is just equal to the price on the menu. But Ernesto always gives more. He offers the most exquisite food and five-star hotel quality services for the same price. That is why the customers love his restaurants so much. They always come back and they refer Ernesto to their friends. You may think that the business idea of giving, give, give would lead to bankruptcy. But that’s not true. In starting a business, you should not think about how much money you would make. Instead, you should think about how much value you can give to the customers. If you just keep on adding value, you will get more loyal customers. And that will bring you more success and profit. That is the first law of stratospheric success. 

The Law of Compensation

The Law of Compensation is “Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.” It means that you should find a way to serve more customers. For example, if you serve 25 people now, think of a way how you can serve 25,000 people. Serve all of them well and you will surely make more income. Nicole Martin is a grade school teacher. She is also CEO of an educational software company called Learning Systems for Children Inc.Nicole loves teaching. However, she feels that the kids are not learning enough. The existing education system is just based on memorization and recitation. It doesn’t really encourage the students’ creativity and curiosity. That is why Nicole created games that are fun and intellectually challenging at the same time. The students enjoyed them. Nicole saw great improvements in their performance. She wanted to help not just 25 children at a time. Besides, the salary of a grade school teacher is really not enough. And so, she had a bright idea.

One day, Nicole held a PTA meeting. She talked to a dad who she knows is a software engineer. She asked if he could make programs based on the games that Nicole created. Then she also talked to a mom who has a small advertising and marketing business. The three of them, the software engineer dad, the marketing expert mom, and Nicole became business partners. They are the founders of Learning Systems for Children Inc.Nicole’s products became more popular in the next few years. She used to teach 25 kids. Through the software, she can now teach 25 million kids all over the world. The more people you serve, the more lives you touch, and the more income you’ll get. That’s the second law of stratospheric success. To be more successful, you need to find more people and serve them the best you can. And there is no limit because there will always be people out there who you can serve. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Anyone can be great because anyone can serve. Whatever you do in life, whatever your occupation is, you can have stratospheric success. It all depends on you. How much income do you want to have? Serve enough numbers people and you will surely get it. That is the Law of Compensation.

The Law of Influence

The Law of Influence is “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interest first.” There is what we call a win-win situation. It says that in order to win in business, you should also make the customers win as well. It’s like 50-50. But the Law of Influence says you should give 100% to the customers. You should focus on making the other person win. That is how you make stratospheric success. It’s not about how many people you know. It’s about how much you can do for these people. That is a true long-lasting influence. Sam Rosen is a leading salesman and top financial adviser. He used to be a regular insurance agent. But after a few years, he became number one in his company. From zero, his sales went up to $400 million. Sam also extended his service as a negotiator and mediator for some clients until finally he became a full-time financial adviser. Now, he represents non-profit organizations and charities all over the world. He offers his services to them for free.

When he was starting out, Sam couldn’t even sell one insurance plan. But that completely changed. Sam’s secret is that he stopped seeing what he could get. He started seeing what he could give. He stopped thinking about his commission fee. He just did what he can to serve the clients. Sam built a network of people who know, like, and trust him. Some of them didn’t really buy from him. But Sam made friends with them anyway. Sam genuinely cared for his clients and so they also felt that way for him. He helps them to succeed. He helps them get the best deals and be financially secured. And so, the clients also helped Sam to succeed. They became his personal walking ambassadors. They refer him to people they know. Not because Sam paid them or anything. The clients do that because they know, like, and trust Sam. They know that he is simply the best insurance agent there is. Stop keeping score. Do not keep track of what you did for the other person. Don’t do a favor and ask for something in return. Just keep on giving. Trust that if you’re the one who is in need, help will come your way. You don’t influence people through money, popularity, or position. You influence them by putting their interests first. Prioritize the welfare of your clients or customers. Let them win. You will see that as you bring good to these people, your influence grows, and the more successful you become. 

The Law of Authenticity

The Law of Authenticity is “The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.” If you think you have nothing to give, you are wrong. You have your talents, your skills, your abilities, your time, and your energy. You can give those to people. Debra Davenport is a 42-year-old solo parent. One day, her husband left and never came back. He went away with another woman. Debra is just a housewife. She does not know how she will feed her 3 kids. Debra looked for jobs. But everywhere she applied, she is rejected. They say that she is too old or that she lacks skills. And then, Debra thought of getting a real estate license. She trained to become a real estate agent. She studied for a few months and she passed the licensure exam. Debra learned every closing technique that is used by other agents at the real estate firm. These are the techniques they use to make the buyer close the deal. Debra learned about Direct Close, Trial Offer Close, Best-Time-to-Buy Close, and all the others.

But none of them worked for her. It’s been a year and still, Debra has not sold any property.She became so frustrated with herself. For her 43rd birthday, one of her friends gave her tickets to a sales convention. Debra learned there that if you want to have more money, you should add more value to what you are selling. The more value you add to your product, the more profit you will have. It doesn’t matter if you sell make-up or burgers or laundry service or real estate. Just keep adding value. The customers will love it and they will always come back for more.After the seminar, Debra became worried. She has nothing. She doesn’t have anything of value that she can give to her clients. It seemed that her self-esteem had walked away with her husband.Debra is at the point of giving up this career. But she had one more appointment to go. That morning, Debra went to meet the client and toured the property.Since this is probably her last gig, Debra ignored all the closing techniques she learned. She didn’t follow any of them. She just let her conversation with the client flow.

She used no tricks, no scripts, and no persuasion techniques at all. Debra talked to the client like a friend. She listened to all the client’s stories. They laughed and chatted all day. Debra thought that it is the most unprofessional presentation she had. She didn’t even remember saying the price of the property. Debra thought that she completely blew it off. But then, after a few days, she received a call. That woman whom she listened to and made friends with actually bought the property. Debra finally made a sale. It made her realize one important thing. Debra used to think that she has nothing to offer. But now she knows she has herself. That is the best value she can give. She sold lots of properties since then. Now, Debra is a top real estate broker and also a keynote speaker in selling seminars. She is very happy with her career, her success,, and her 3 children. That is the Law of Authenticity. Just be yourself. Don’t use techniques that you learned from someone or somewhere. Don’t pretend or imitate. Fully offer yourself to the client. Be a friend. Care and listen to them. Try your best to provide whatever they might need. That is how you sell and grow your business.

The Law of Receptivity

The Law of Receptivity is “The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.” What you learned from this book so far is to give without limits. You probably grew up with the idea that “It is better to give than to receive.” Does it mean that when a client wants to give something, you need to decline it? Receiving is a natural effect of giving. It is rude not to accept what the other person is offering. And so, at the same rate that you give, you should also receive. In this way, the good relationship continues. It is only natural to receive. It’s a vital part of life. Think of the plants. They take carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Humans and animals, meanwhile, take oxygen and give off carbon dioxide. Life is a continuous process of giving and receiving. When you help people, when you give so much value to them, it is only natural that they will give back. And you should be willing to accept it. Whatever it is that your client, customer, employee,, or colleague is giving, just receive it. This will ensure your good relationship and stratospheric success.

The Go-Giver

From Ernesto, Joe learned the Law of Value. From Nicole, he learned the Law of Compensation. From Sam, he learned the Law of Influence. From Debra, he learned the Law of Authenticity. Joe met these interesting people from Monday to Thursday. On Friday, he is alone with Pindar. They talked about the Law of Receptivity. It turns out that the Friday guest is Joe himself. For the whole week, Joe was able to keep the end of the bargain. He applied each of the laws one by one. On Monday, Joe was rejected by a client. But he suggested someone else that could fit what they’re looking for. That is for the Law of Value which is to give more than what you are paid for. On Tuesday, Joe received a bag of high-quality coffee beans from Pindar’s chef named Rachel. When he got back to the office, what Joe did was brew all the beans. He served everyone at the firm with a cup of coffee. That is for the Law of Compensation which is to serve as many people as you can.

On Wednesday, Joe listened to all the complaints and worries of his wife Susan. He let her share all her negative feelings. Joe didn’t interrupt her and comforted her until she fell asleep. That is for the Law of Influence which is to always put the other person’s interest first. On Thursday, Joe had an honest conversation with his colleague Gus. They were able to deepen their friendship. That is for the Law of Authenticity which is to offer your self. On Friday, Joe received a wonderful gift. Last Monday, he referred a guy named Ed Barnes to the client who rejected him. That Friday, Joe learned that Ed also referred him to a potential client. Joe gave Ed an amazing opportunity. In a few days, Joe also received a great opportunity from Ed. That is the Law of Receptivity which is to be willing to receive. Joe had fulfilled Pindar’s condition. He had applied all the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success. What happened then? From a go-getter, Joe became a go-giver.

When he thought about how much he would get, Joe did not succeed. But when he started to think about how much he could give, Joe succeeded in ways that he never imagined. From a regular employee, Joe became a successful businessman. He started his own company with Rachel. She is Pindar’s chef who brews the most delicious coffee in the world. Their company is called Rachel’s Famous Coffee. It started from the business opportunity that Joe got from Ed Barnes. In just one year, the company reached stratospheric success. Rachel’s Famous Coffee earned millions. Joe and his business partners began working on social initiative projects. They are planning on building irrigation systems for many rural villages. They also started a foundation that aims to help all coffee growers in the world by creating self-sufficient and community-based cooperatives. People say that “It’s better to give than to receive”. But now you know that “It’s better to give, receive and repeat.


You learned about the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success. You learned about the stories of Ernesto, Nicole, Sam, Debra,, and Joe. You learned how to be a go-giver. Maybe you are like Joe. You are focused on what you could get. But now you know that you should start focusing on what you can give right at this very moment. Apply the Five Laws one by one. You will see yourself take off and reach stratospheric success.  

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