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IIT institute is considered to be the best for getting an engineering education.       How good it is to get into it, the more difficult it is.  You have to work very hard to enter this and that is why lakhs of students work hard every year.  If you also want to make a career in engineering through IIT, then today we will tell you through this blog post what are the benefits of studying at IIT and how to prepare for It?

First of all, let us know what is IIT?

IIT  is also called the Indian Institute of Technology.  IIT exam is conducted every year.  It happens for graduation.  There is a total of 23 IIT  colleges in the country after qualifying for the exam in the college. By doing engineering from here, many people get packages worth crores.  Good engineers are made by this College and they also earn a lot of money by going abroad.       there is a question paper on Physics, Chemistry and Maths in the exam.

Where to prepare and what are the benefits of IIT?

There are many training centres for IIT exam preparation, which you can go to prepare.  Let us know what are the benefits of doing it?

1. Respect 

If your friends or family come to know about it, then you will get a lot of respect among the people.  

2. Good facilities 

That is, through IIT, you are given very good facilities.  You will get a good lab to study in and a computer centre facility is also available.

3. Learn more things

Apart from engineering and research, you also get to learn many things, you are also taught about management, finance and social skills.

4. Provide free benefits

That is, you get a 10 to 15% discount in the private restaurant on the campus and free doctor consultation facility is also available.

5. Easy placement

Is best of all, after completing IIT, you will easily get a good job and you also get placement in a good place.

From 2013 onwards the entrance exam is conducted in two parts, one JEE mains and the other JEE advance, first of all, if a student wants to apply for it, then first you have to give JEE mains paper. He/she can apply for JEE advance once he/she is qualified in the exam. Around 1.5 lakh students appear in the JEE advance exam every year.

Indian Institute of Technology 

What is the pattern of the exam?

In that, you have to give two types of paper.

First Paper Bird i.e. it consists of 30 questions from Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics and each question is of four marks. 

So that means there are a total of 90 questions. and total marks of 360

Talking about the second paper, then more planning means there are 30 questions of mathematics in it. Which are of 120 marks and 50 questions of aptitude test are of 200 marks and two questions of drawing test are of 70 marks. So the total time is 3 hours

How to prepare for the entrance exam?

  1. First of all, start preparing instead of the entrance exam, so do not compare yourself with anyone else and compare yourself. Because it doesn’t matter who someone is but what you are it matters a lot to you. That’s why focus your attention only and only on yourself and make your goal that I have to come on top in the ranking of the entrance exam. So just keep pushing yourself with this courage.
  1. It is that questions from Maths, Chemistry and Physics are asked for the entrance exam, so keep in mind that you must be the best in these subjects. 
  1. The third is that whenever you prepare, take your exam and solve the model paper with complete honesty within the stipulated time. And also see for yourself how right you are
  1. Fourth is that you should always keep your confidence high in your self-confidence. And it may be that you do not get success in one chance, so never let your spirits down in such a situation. Rather, by correcting your mistakes, prepare yourself for the future.
  1. In any exam, only the time fixed decides our path and direction. That’s why to understand the importance of 3 hours of the exam, calculate it well. And your aim should be that what you have got in this time i.e. in 3 hours you have to solve all the questions. So just preparing yourself for that good health is very important for good preparation. That’s why follow these things well so that you get help to fulfil your purpose.
  1. News,  Internet, Group discussions and Interviews of successful students also play an important role in exam preparation. That is why you can also take the help of all these things because planning is very important for success. 
  1. So even for the preparation for the entrance exam, how many hours do you have to study, what to study, when to do what to do, make a list of all these things well. And also implement it in a 100% (percent) way.
  1. Know your weaknesses, Identifying your weaknesses right in the beginning can help you know where you stand, what your abilities are, and how much effort you need to put in to reach the top. Your weaknesses are neither your downfall nor something that you lack, but what you need to develop and build. Knowing your pitfalls gives you an opportunity to work on them and improve your performance.
  1. The ninth point is that 45% of 11th and 55% of 12th questions are asked for the entrance exam. So you should also do your intermediate studies keeping this in mind so that you can get a lot of help in the preparation for the entrance exam. 
  1. And the tenth i.e the last point you must remember because there is no shortcut to success. So, to prepare for the entrance exam, study in detail beforehand, that is, keep in mind even the smallest things. And study with full concentration and now if we have a look at the last, then we will have a look at the important things. The limit of attempts on this is up to three, that is, you can try three times, there is something different in Nagaland, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh.

If you want to give the exam, then you should always keep watching its latest updates. From the year 2019, the entrance exam will be conducted twice.

Once in January and once in April the maximum limit for appearing in the first exam was up to 3 But now it is believed that a student can appear for a maximum of 6 times in this exam and this is a very good thing. So you can get a lot more opportunities to do hard work, then with our good wishes, these simple things are also with you. And I hope, you are preparing for the entrance exam, so please take care of these things

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