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DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing your Company Online

DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing your Company Online

Russell Bronson

DotCom Secrets
DotCom Secrets summary 
DotCom Secrets summary in English


Do you want to know how Russell Bronson makes one million dollars from just a single client? You will learn that and more from this book. You may have looked through other online businesses to figure out how they are successful. You may have copied the same techniques they do.

What you do not know is that there is more to the surface. There are systems and strategies that these companies use from the inside to make things run successfully.  The good news is you will come to discover those secrets. 

In this book, you will learn where to find your customers. You will also learn how to communicate with them. How can you make them have a long-term business with you? Before you start, there are important concepts that you need to understand first. 

The advantage of DotCom Secrets is that the techniques included here are not subject to change. Other books out there may be useless once Facebook or Google gets updated. But not DotCom Secrets. You can still apply what you will learn a decade from now. 

It is possible to grow your online business exponentially. That is what Russell Bronson proves in his own company. These techniques are tried and tested. They are guaranteed to make you and your profit better than ever.

The Secret Formula

The secret formula involves four questions. The first one is who is your dream client. The second is, “Where can you find these dream clients? The third is, “What bait could you use to attract this kind of client?” And the last one is, “What is the result that you would like to give to them?” 

Before you start with any kind of business, you must first know your answers to these questions. It doesn’t matter if your business is offline or online. The answers must be clear in your head so that you could proceed with your business smoothly. 

The author Russell Bronson had a serious problem when he started his online business. He felt burned out. He was not motivated. The reason behind this is that Russell was not getting the clients he wants.

The primary business of Russell is to teach people how to make money online.  What Russell wanted was to share advanced techniques like conversion secrets and sales funnels. But the clients he gets are only beginners. They would always ask about basic concepts such as domain and web hosting. 

Russell woke up one day feeling very unhappy. He was working for a business that he doesn’t want, a business that he built in the first place. That is why he came up with the secret formula. Russell realized that the first thing he must do is to figure out his ideal customers. 

He thought about his dream clients. He imagined what they look like and what their personality is. Russell made it clear that his clients must prioritize personal growth before money. Also, their net worth must be already at five figures annually. 

Your clients would be the ones you would be working with every day.  You must know them. It will help your business a lot if you have a clear idea of the clients you want, instead of vague images.

After figuring out your dream clients, you must know where to find them. Where would you likely find this kind of people? What are the sites they visit? What blogs are they interested in? What magazines do they read? This is so that you know where to get their attention.

The next step is to come up with the right bait. It could be a book, a video or a podcast, or anything that would get your dream client’s interest. Just like in fishing, you will place the bait where most of your dream clients are. Make sure that the bait will be effective. 

Russell Bronson wrote a book as his bait. 

The title is “DotComSecrets Labs: 108 Proven Split Test Winners”. The advantage of this bait is that beginners have no idea about split tests. And so, the book would only attract the kind of clients that he wants. 

Only software experts would know how split tests work. They would be eager to get a copy of Russell Bronson’s book. Therefore, the solution to Russell’s problem is just finding the right bait. 

You already know your clients. You know where they are and what kind of bait would attract them. Now, your goal would be to give them the best results. What is the result that you want them to have? 

“A business is not about products and services. A business is about what result you can get for your clients.” If you give clients good results, they would be willing to pay a higher price.

The best result that Russell Bronson could offer is to send his team to the client’s office. Russell’s team will be the one to hire and give training to the company’s sales department. The team will create the systems which will bring consistent sales to the company. More importantly, they will build the client’s sales funnel.

That is Russell’s best offer. Other clients can read his books or enroll in his courses. But those who can afford will benefit greatly from Russell’s best service. The client can expect amazing results. However, the price is very costly. Aside from the actual payment, the company must give a percentage of its sales. All in all, the service is worth a million dollars.

What if you have that kind of client? Can you give them the best service you can? What can you do to ensure your client’s success? What do you want your clients to achieve? 

The Value Ladder

The logic behind the value ladder is that the more value you offer to the customers, the more they are willing to pay. Value means the product or service that you can give. In the first step of your ladder, you will give customers a small product for a small price. That will be like a trial or sample. 

But because of that small product, the customers will come to know you and what you can do for them. For the second step, you will offer them a bigger product which you can charge for a higher price. The highest step of the value ladder is your ultimate goal. That is the best value for the biggest price. 

One day, a man named John went to the dentist. It was his first visit. The dentist asked him at once, “John, are you a smoker?” John answered no. He had never tried to smoke. “Why do you ask?”, he said. The dentist replied that John’s teeth are yellowish. If he doesn’t smoke, maybe he is fond of drinking coffee.

John answered no as well. “Are my teeth that yellowish?” John remembered that his health insurance covers free dental cleaning. He told the dentist to clean his teeth. The dentist confirmed that his teeth are turning yellow. 

“But don’t worry”, the dentist said. “If you want I can make some custom-teeth whitening trays for you. You’ll have to use them for a few weeks, but if you follow the system, your teeth will be white again.” 

“Yes, please!” John answered. He does not want to have yellow teeth. The dentist went on with his cleaning job. A little later, the dentist asked, “John, did you have braces when you were a kid?” John said yes. “How can you tell?” he asked the dentist.

“Well, your two bottom teeth are shifting again, and that usually happens to people who had braces.” John was surprised. He didn’t notice. “Are my teeth shifting?” he asked. “What can you do about that?” 

“Well, if you want, I can build a retainer for you, which will help keep your teeth in place.” Of course, John does not want his teeth to shift. He wants them to be healthy. “Yes, please!” he said again. 

All that John came for to the dentist is to have his teeth cleaned. But he ended up paying the dentist two thousand dollars. That is for his new retainers and whitening kit. John’s dentist knew all about the value ladder. The dentist kept on offering him more value for a higher price. 

The dentist created bait for John. That bait is the free teeth cleaning service. The dentist already gave John value by cleaning his teeth. Next, he noticed that John’s teeth need whitening.  John wanted to proceed because the dentist can give him more value.

Then, the dentist went on to offer more to John. That is the retainers for his shifting teeth, which John was willing to pay for also.  The dentist had successfully guided him through the value ladder. He even scheduled John for an appointment 6 months after. That means more profit for the dentist.

A value ladder is a great concept that you can apply to your business. You must learn it before you proceed with advanced strategies like sales funnels. If your customers are willing to pay a high price, you must provide them with the best product or service that you can. 

If the dentist told at once that he is going to need two thousand dollars, John would have quickly turned away. Use your imagination. Always have something new to offer. There would be customers who will be interested no matter the price. That is because they know that you will give them great value. 

Do not run out of ideas. If people are willing to pay five thousand dollars for your quality product, that means they can spend more for another. So, you must always come up with more great ideas. You must always think about giving your customers more value. 

From a Ladder to a Funnel

A value ladder starts with a bait. On each level, you offer more value to customers who would also pay more. A sales funnel also starts with bait. As your customers go deeper into the funnel, they pay more to get higher-quality products. 

If you have a sales funnel, you can provide each customer the value which matches their budget.  More importantly, the sales funnel would help you find the customers who have enough budget for the best that you can offer. Meanwhile, money will still keep coming into your business. 

A sales funnel looks quite like the funnel you use in the kitchen. Imagine that you are holding one. Above your funnel, there is a cloud hanging. That cloud is a representation of all possible customers.  At the rim of the funnel is your bait. That is where you’ll get your actual customers.

Now, you want those customers to be loyal to you. They must go deeper into your funnel. Out of those who took the bait, there will be customers willing to buy your front-end product. That is your first offer. 

Not everyone would want to pay more. But that is okay. You will always find customers who will. After the front end, there is still the middle level of the funnel. Your goal is to guide your customers even deeper. At the bottom level are your dream customers. They are not concerned with money. They trust that you will give them the best product.

Do you know of any online business which started ten years ago? Back then, it was easier for them to gain customers. This is because there is only a little competition. 

If an online business then has a front-end product, they just need to pay for the ads. The customers who saw the ad will be interested to buy. The online business would easily get the money back and more. 

But the times have changed. Today, there are already an infinite number of online businesses. There is very strong competition. The price for every advertisement has risen significantly. The customers would not buy at once because there are so many choices. It is a bigger challenge for online businesses to make money today.

Some companies were very successful in the past. But they eventually had to close because they were not able to adapt to the dramatic change. Only the strong online businesses were able to prosper.

Russell Bronson learned a lot from his mentors. That is why his online business kept growing. He learned that it is important to have a deep funnel.

If you have a deeper funnel, that means you have more products or services to offer your customers. Your sales will increase as your customers go deeper into your funnel. As they acquire a better product or service, the prices get higher. You can use the profit to attract even more customers.

Here’s an example of Russell Bronson’s sales funnel. Many customers bought a copy of his book DotCom Secrets. A percentage of those customers will be willing to pay more for their online courses. 

Still, a percentage of those who enrolled will be attracted to join Russell Bronson’s Inner Circle program. And then, there will be those in the Inner Circle to go deeper into the sales funnel. Those customers would avail themselves of his million-dollar program. That is where Russell’s team will go to the customer’s office. 

Can you think of better products or services that you could offer? Think about your own sales funnel. If you keep making more value, there will always be customers who would want to avail themselves. Those customers are the ones you want to have. Money is not an issue for them. 

Your business has the potential to make millions of dollars online. There are entrepreneurs like Russell who have done it. It is possible for you also. 

How to Find your Dream Customers

The secret formula says you have to know who your dream customers are and where you can find them. In this chapter, we will learn about driving traffic. In other words, we will learn how to get people to visit your website. Traffic means potential customers. They are the people you want to attract to go to your site. 

An important concept you must learn is the power of congregation. If you hear the word congregation, your memory brings you back to a church. In essence, a church is a group of people having the same beliefs and values.  If you want to sell something to a group of believers, you must go to their church and pitch your product. 

Back in Russell Bronson’s high school, he had five classmates who would always play card games at lunch. The card game is Magic: The Gathering. They sit by themselves and enjoyed playing together. But what if there are other students in other schools also playing Magic? Before the internet, these kids had no chance of interacting with one another. 

But because of the internet, all kids playing Magic cards can hang out online. They can interact with other players from other parts of the world. They can congregate in forums and share ideas about the game they love. 

It would have been hard for a marketer of Magic cards to reach his customers. He cannot visit each high school. But today, if the marketer has a product, he just needs to find the congregation of Magic players online. It is easier and cheaper to show his product to them. 

Think of any hobby or interest. Surely, you will find congregations for it online. Driving your traffic will be easier for you if you understand the concept of congregations. If you are not sure where to find your traffic, you can just Google their congregation online. Just type in the keywords and add the word forum. Or you can also search for their group on Facebook. 

There are three tips you should know to find your dream customers. The first one is to know your target market. Traditional media like television only used gender, age, and location as a basis for their advertisements.  These demographics are very general.

Today, the internet made it possible to find out more details about any person. It is possible to know a person’s shoe size, medical background, or favorite movies. And so, the ads today are more specific. Internet ads can target a specific group of people. 

There is information overload online. That is why advertisements must be more specific and targeted. They must appeal directly to the individual. If the ad is not relevant to the customer, he would not be attracted to buy.

Imagine that you own a pet store. It is not enough that you have an ad for dog food. You must also appeal to the cat owners. Think of the commercials that caught your attention when you were a kid. What made them stick to your memory? 

The second tip is to know where your target market congregates. You must discover where your dream customers hang out. What are the sites they visit? What are the blogs they go to? Do they have a Facebook group? What do they buy from Amazon? What are the products they search for on Google?

Imagine that you are a miner of gold. Usually, you will find gold grouped. Gold runs through mountains like veins. Once you have discovered a few, you will find more gold along the line.

The internet is a huge mountain. That vein of gold is like the congregation of your dream customers. When you have found some customers, you just have to keep digging to find more. When you find where your customers group, it becomes easier for you to pitch your product. 

If you keep searching, you might find out the newsletter that the congregation subscribes to. What you can do is pay for ads in that newsletter. You can also pay for ads on their favorite blog or Facebook group. 

The third tip is to get your dream customers’ attention. Let’s say their congregation is busy interacting on their forum or Facebook group. Or they are busy reading their blogs and newsletters. How do you divert their attention and make them go to your site? 

Newspapers use big and shocking headlines. You must apply the same concept. Your ads must be unusual and catchy so that your customers will click on them. The ads must win the customer’s interest so they will stop whatever they’re doing and go to your site. From there, you can show them your bait and frontend offers. 

The Three Types of Traffic

When we say traffic, it means people online who can be your potential customers. There are three types of traffic. There is the traffic you control, the traffic you don’t control and the traffic you own. 

The best type of traffic is the third one which is the traffic you own. These are the customers already subscribed to your blog or email list. You own that traffic because you can send them a message anytime. You do not need to buy ads or do SEO (search engine optimization). All you have to do is to send an email or post a blog so they can see your product. 

The traffic you own is your repeat customers. You can sell to them repeatedly. There is more profitable because you do not have to spend on marketing costs. 

When Russell Brunson was still starting with his online business, there are only 200 people on his email list. He worked on increasing the numbers. From 200, his email list went to 1,000 then to 10,000. At present, Russell already has 500,000 people on his email list. That means more profit for him. 

You have to work to convert all the traffic you can into traffic you own. The more people subscribed to your emails or blog posts, the more products you could sell. You must convert the other types of traffic, which is the traffic you control and the traffic you don’t control as part of your email list. 

The traffic you control is the traffic you get from paid ads. You do not own them because they are from Google or Facebook. But you can control that traffic because you can redirect them to your website once they clicked on the ads. 

The problem with the traffic you control is that you have to pay more. If You want more customers, you need to spend more on pay-per-click or banner ads. So, what you can do is make a squeeze page. 

On the blog of DotCom Secrets, you will see an example of a squeeze page. The only content of a squeeze page is an invitation to join Russell Brunsons’ email list. That is where the people who clicked on the ads are redirected. They can choose to provide their email or exit the page. By using the squeeze page, you can convert more people to traffic you own. 

Lastly, the traffic you don’t control is those people who stumbled upon your blog. They may have heard about your site through social media or a YouTube video. If not, they may have found it as a search result from Google. What these people must first see on your blog is a “modified squeeze page”. 

Russell always dedicates the top part of his blog to inviting people to provide their emails. He put up a video so people would know what he can offer. But Russell’s invitation to join his mailing list is clear on every blog post. The blogs work as modified squeeze pages. That is how Russell Bronson raised his mailing list to 500,000.

Did you have experiences with blogs or ads that invited you to subscribe? Try to go back to them. You may get more ideas about the three types of traffic. Try to browse back to the emails you received. How many of them came from sites you have visited? Your point of view will change once you know how mailing lists and squeeze pages work. You can use them to your advantage and increase your following. 

The Attractive Character

Do you have new emails which you never read? They’re probably from those sites you visited. One way or another, you may have subscribed to a mailing list. Why did you not feel the urge to open those emails? The site may be offering good products. Why weren’t you attracted to buy? 

That is where attractive character comes in. You have to create a persona to communicate with your customers. You need an attractive character so that people will buy what you’re selling. 

Are you familiar with Jared, the Attractive Character of Subway? The fast food chain discovered Jared. He is a huge guy weighing 400 pounds and more. One day, he started on a diet of two Subway sandwiches per day. That is only what he eats day in and day out. 

After a few years, his two Subway sandwich diets showed amazing results. Jared lost a huge amount of weight. That is when Subway made Jared their Attractive Character. The fast food chain spread Jared’s story everywhere. Jared was in Subway’s commercials and billboards. He became the model of Subway’s weight-loss benefit. 

The strategy with Jared made Subway stand out from all competition. Subway has made an effective Attractive Character out of Jared. Many people striving to lose some weight can relate to Jared’s story. 

The customers felt Jared’s struggle and they wanted to achieve what he had. A lot of customers copied the two Subways a day diet. For fifteen years, Jared made a huge difference for Subway. 

You may say that you are not that interesting. You may say that you are not attractive. But if you look back to your experiences, you surely have stories that customers can relate to. If you don’t, you can always borrow from stories of people you know. 

“Stories are a great way to communicate with your audience.” There are six storylines that you can tell. Many businesses use them for their advertisements and emails. It is often that you hear this kind of story because they are effective in attracting customers.

The first storyline is loss and redemption. They are stories of going through a hardship and getting back on track again. It goes like, “I had everything. Life was great. Then something happened. I had to figure my way out. But I learned a lot from my loss. Now, I feel even better.”

The second storyline is Us vs. Them. These stories separate you and your customers from other people. Your customers are different from the crowd because they use your products or services. In that way, your customers will feel a bond with each other. They will feel a strong connection with your company. They will feel like they belong and become loyal to your brand.

The third storyline is Before and After. The stories go like “I experienced severe acne before. But after using this product, my skin became oil-free and smooth.” These transformation stories work every time. It is more effective if you use before and after pictures. People who experience the same will be attracted to buy your product.

The fourth storyline is Amazing Discovery. “Oh my gosh, you guys . . . wait till you hear about this amazing new product I just discovered! You’ve got to try it.” There might be people searching for a solution to their problem. When they hear about your Amazing Discovery storyline, they will believe that they finally found the product or service they’re looking for.

The fifth storyline is Secret Telling. Who isn’t attracted by secrets? The mystery and curiosity will bring customers to your bait and your front-end product. The story may go like this, “I’ve got a secret . . . if you want to find out what it is, you need to…”

The sixth storyline is Third Person Testimonial. These are the stories of your other customers who had a great experience with your service or product. Collect as many testimonials from your clients, customers, or students. You can use their stories to convince more people to buy. 

Have you seen ads for supplements, dating, or weight-loss products lately? Those businesses always use the power of Attractive Character. It is very effective. You need stories so people can relate to you. If they do, they will likely buy your product or service.

The first few emails that you will send to your customers must be to become an attractive character. If you do this thing right people will connect with you and want to listen to you. They will open your emails and will look at your youtube video or ads on Facebook.


You learned the secret formula. You learned about the value ladder and the sales funnel. These are important foundations that you can apply to your own online business. Imagine how much your company will grow if you will master them. 

You also learned where to find your dream customers. You learned about the three types of traffic. Remember the vein of gold. You have to work hard to increase your sales. You will have to search a lot and bring so much effort. 

You learned about the power of an Attractive Character. Everybody loves a good story. Use the six storylines to your advantage. Whatever your product or service is, there are great stories out there that can come along with it. 

There is no limit to what you can offer. You just have to use your imagination. You can expand your online business as much as you can. If you are running out of ideas, you can always go back to this book. Good Luck. You are now one step closer to your million dollars. 

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