VIVEKANANDA Summary In English

VIVEKANANDA About Book VIVEKANANDA  A Biography VIVEKANANDA  A Biography  Swami Nikhilananda Introduction Have you seen God? This is the question that Swami Vivekananda asked as a young boy.He renounced all worldly pleasures.He wandered all over India with just a staff and a begging bowl.He wanted to see God, and soon he succeeded.In this book, you … Read more

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Summary In English

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind About Book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth  Why should you read this summary?  Are you tired of barely making ends meet when it comes to money? Are you dreaming about millions but you have nothing in your pockets? Learn how to turn your dreams … Read more

THE TEST OF MY LIFE Summary In English

THE TEST OF MY LIFE About Book Are you a cricket fan? Read this inspiring story of Yuvraj Singh as he battled cancer and went back to cricket. This book is filled with funny and heart-breaking stories. You will learn how Yuvi dusted himself off and got up again in a time of hardship. Who … Read more

The Wright Way Summary In English

The Wright Way About Book The Wright Way: 7 Problem-Solving Principles from the Wright Brothers That Can Make Your Business Soar The Wright Way: 7 Problem-Solving Principles from the Wright Brothers That Can Make Your Business Soar  Mark Eppler Introduction Imagine yourself in 1903.There are no airplanes, no Internet, no smartphones.How could two brothers, two … Read more

The Parable of the Pipeline Summary In English

The Parable of the Pipeline About Book What will you learn from this summary? Is working a typical 9-5 job stable? Does a monthly salary make you financially secure? In this book, you will learn the story of two best friends who dreamed of being rich. One of them succeeded while the other failed. You … Read more

The Millionaire Fastlane Summary In English

The Millionaire Fastlane About Book What will you learn from this summary? In this summary, you will learn that true wealth lies in the freedom to make your own choices. Family, health, and freedom is true wealth. You will learn that wealth earned in old age is of no use. Wealth is best enjoyed in … Read more

The 5 Second Rule Summary In English

The 5 Second Rule About Book The 5 Second Rule The 5 Second Rule  Mel Robbins Introduction Can 5 seconds change your life? According to the speaker and author Mel Robbins, it can; and in more ways than you can imagine.  Do you dream of pursuing a career you’re passionate about? Do you want to … Read more

WHY I AM AN ATHEIST Summary In English

WHY I AM AN ATHEIST About Book WHY I AM AN ATHEIST. WHY I AM AN ATHEIST  Bhagat Singh Introduction Bhagat Singh wrote this essay in 1930 while detained in Lahore Central Jail. He proclaimed himself an atheist. Because of this, his friends accused him of vanity. They said that he was an atheist because … Read more

ALFRED NOBEL Summary In English

ALFRED NOBEL About Book What will you learn from this summary? Do you want to read up about a man with over 350 patents? Are you interested in knowing about the man behind the dynamite? Then this should be your final stop! Read and know everything about the man who established the Nobel Prizes! Who … Read more


RETIRE YOUNG RETIRE RICH About Book Why should you read this summary? Everyone wants to become rich, and this book is a guide to becoming rich. People want to invest in businesses like real estate and stocks, but don’t know where to start. This book shows the path toward a successful business. So how do … Read more