Follow Your Heart Summary In English

Why should you read this summary?

Maybe you are bored with your job. Maybe you are annoyed at the person next to you. Maybe you are wondering when you will be happy, rich or successful. Maybe you are searching for your purpose in life. This book is for you. Here you will learn lessons and stories that will help you deal with problems, gain peace of mind, discover your passion and find happiness in the present moment. If you can only accept people, do your best and look at the bright side, you can be happy right here, right now.

Who should read this summary?

•    People who are pessimistic

•    People who want to change themselves

•    Adults and young adults

About the Author

Andrew Matthews is well-known for his self-help books published in over 40 languages. His book sold over 8 million copies worldwide. Andrew is also a cartoonist. He features his illustrations in his books and presentations. Aside from being an author, Andrew is a motivational speaker. He aims to inspire individuals worldwide to be happy, create meaningful relationships, and lead successful lives.

About Book

Follow Your Heart: Finding Purpose In Your Life And Your Work

Andrew Matthews

Follow Your Heart
Follow Your Heart Summary 
Follow Your Heart Summary In English


Do you think that life is full of disasters? Have you ever felt like everything is going against you? in this book, you will learn that problems happen because life wants to teach you a lesson.You will also learn that the universe rewards efforts and not excuses. If you give your best at a small opportunity, bigger opportunities will soon come after.You will learn that there are no perfect jobs. When you put in your effort and do not go after money, that is when you will have job satisfaction.You will also learn that there is no good thing or bad thing in life. It only depends on your perspective. Peace of mind can be achieved by focusing on the present.The world is not conspiring against you. Most of the time, it is you causing the problems in your life. This book will teach you how to find happiness and discover your passion in life. It will help you to perform better in your career and be a better person.

We Are Here to Learn Lessons and the World Is Our Teacher

Ben was a boy who loved his football. He carried it everywhere, and the ball was with him all the time. However, one day, while playing with it on the streets, he lost it. Ben looked everywhere but could not find his ball. So, he thought someone must have stolen it. He spotted a woman with a big stomach which seemed to have his football in it. So, Ben went up to her and asked why she had hidden his football under her shirt. Ben found out later that she did not have his football. The woman was just pregnant. Ben found his ball after a while, but he also learned where babies came from. Since then, he found himself surrounded by pregnant women.The moral of the story is that until you are not ready for a lesson in life, you will not realize it even though it is in front of you all the time. Until the age of ten, Ben had met several pregnant women, but he never knew it. But after losing his ball, he knew how pregnant women looked. Since Ben was ready for the new information, he learned it.

Would Ben have learned if he had just encountered the woman walking on the street?Only when his precious ball got lost did he become aware surroundings. That is when he opened his eyes to something new.People only start praying when their life is falling apart.When something worries them, they learn something new. Why? Because people are used to living their lives the same way every day. Changing is not something they are comfortable with. But, when they are in trouble, people suddenly become aware.So, is life about disasters? Certainly, not. Life is about learning, and when you ignore its lessons, it continues to remind you.What lessons do you learn?Have you noticed how certain things only happen to certain people? For example, Jane gets fired every six months, Frank gets sued every year, and Jim gets food poisoned on every vacation. The reason is life is trying to teach them a lesson that they need to learn.

However, people ignore this lesson and only become miserable in life. For example, a woman who had a divorce with her husband said she cannot forgive him. The woman does not realize that life presented her with the situation, so she can learn to forgive. She can postpone her lesson as much as she wants, but if she wants to be happy in life, she has to accept it one day. Even if she remarries and the same thing happens, the woman will be running away from learning to forgive people. So, no matter how much she postpones the lesson, it will keep chasing her.You might blame other people for your problems, but it is actually you who is responsible for them. So, you are wrong when you say it would be better if some people are not in your life. The person who you consider bad in your life might be there to teach you a valuable lesson. For example, you have a husband who always makes you mad so you can learn to control your anger.When life gets simple, we are actually the ones who attract more problems. When your house is fully paid off, you buy another one, and the debt continues. How do you stop yourself from going crazy?Just give yourself some time to relax and be happy. Do not say you will be happy next month after remodelling your house or when the kids finish their exams. Be happy even when things are difficult.

The Universe Has No Favorites

Back in the old days, people sowed seeds and waited for the harvest. However, today, it’s different. People plant seeds on Monday and expect results on Tuesday. That is the age now, the age of instant noodles.Fred always complains about his job and says if he had a decent one, he would work hard at it. This is how people think nowadays, and that is where they go wrong. If Fred were to work hard at his current job, people would recognize him, and he could have better opportunities.Wanting better things in life make you feel like you are stagnant and nothing is moving forward. But it is your fault when you are feeling that way. You might look at others and think they are lucky, but that is because they bring luck to themselves.For example, a man named Bruce always showers his girlfriends with gifts and money. When they leave him, he claims they were only with him for his money.So, is it the women’s fault that Bruce made it his habit to give them gifts? No, it is Bruce’s fault for making them concentrate only on his money.

Do not think the laws of the universe make everything right for others. They attract positive things to themselves. So, put effort into what you are doing and watch how things work out for you.Remember that the universe rewards efforts and not excuses. Frank says he will only save when he has a million dollars. This attitude is wrong. Frank should save ten dollars a day to make it a hundred. Then he can think about thousands.Candy is a singer. But she only has six people listening to her performances. She always tells herself she will perform better when she has an audience of a thousand. This is wrong. Candy can give her 100% for the six people who came to listen to her. Then she will get ten, a hundred, and a thousand fans.Sometimes, one small step in life can lead to great things.Take Nick, for example. Nick was an immigrant with no money. He applied at a restaurant for a dishwashing job. But before his interview, Nick went to the restaurant’s bathroom and wiped it clean. He even cleaned between every tile with a toothbrush until everything was spotless clean. When the boss arrived, he was amazed to see the bathroom. In this way, Nick proved he was worthy and got the job. So, give it your best shot at whatever you do, and big opportunities will open up for you.

Big things in life happen gradually. Take a frog, for an example. Put it in a bowl of boiling hot water, and the frog will jump out of it immediately. But put the frog in a bowl of cold water and warm it up slowly. The frog will notice it only after a while. By the time he jumps out of the bowl, he is already cooked. This is the same when you go over your budget for a day. You do not take much notice of it. But when you overspend for weeks, you will discover that you are broke by the end of the month.This is how we can say that life is cumulative. From the frog principle, we learn to monitor our lives. Every day, you should ask yourself where you are heading and if you are better than last year.You can put in all the effort needed, but you might say nothing is happening since you cannot see the result quickly. Imagine a block of ice at minus forty degrees centigrade. You start heating it for some time, but there is no change. Only when its temperature rises to zero does the ice melt and become water.The lesson is that you put a lot of energy into anything but do not see a change right after.

Give it some time, keep doing it, and you will surely get results.Take Dylan, for example.He cleans his desk, writes, helps his friend, and pays the bills. While doing all this, Dylan knows that good things will happen eventually.The world is ever-changing.Days become nights, and seasons come and go. From this arrangement of nature, we should also learn to change ourselves. Like the chameleon, which changes its skin colour to adapt to its surroundings, we should adapt to our surroundings too. The dinosaurs who could not adapt to the changes in the climate eventually disappeared. This is a rule of nature. Change yourself or disappear. What works today does not work tomorrow. It is just a matter of moving forward.

What You Focus on Expands…

Imagine a scenario where your plane malfunctions. How would you want the pilot to react? Do you want him worried and shouting all of you will get killed? Or do you want him to be reassuring and calmly saying the plane is under control and everything will be fine? Of course, you will want the second one. In the same way, think about you being a pilot of your own life. If you think positively, positive things will happen. Here is a secret that can make you program your mind to think positively. Imagine your mind has two parts. The top part is the conscious mind, and the bottom half is the subconscious mind. The subconscious part deals with programs engraved in you, like breathing and digestion. But imagine the time you were learning to drive. You took each step with intense focus and awareness, like when to step on the pedal or move your right leg. After a while, you could drive naturally.That is the same with your mind. If you think negative thoughts for a long time, you will program your mind to think negatively. But if you program yourself to think positively, you will always think positively. This is the same reason why people who always think they will end up broke do end up broke. It is because they attract those circumstances to happen to them.

However, thinking positively is not going to happen within a day. Sam thinks he will improve his life, buy a Ford, and get a mansion. But by the end of the week, he felt that thinking positively did not help at all. But Sam did not notice that from having 48,000 negative thoughts, he came down to 47,500. So, thinking  positive just for one day will not work. Give yourself a few months and see the changes in your life. Understand that your life is how it is because you think that way.If there is something in your life you do not want to encounter, the best you can do is not to think or talk about it. For example, you become the topic of office gossip one day. The best way to overcome this is to ignore it and not add fuel to the gossip by defending yourself. It is because the more you show that you care about the gossip, the more people will attack you with it.How do you see the people around you? Take John, for example. He goes on his first dinner date with Mary. When she drops pasta on her clothes, he offers to help her clean it.When Mary loses her car keys, John reassures her by saying he is the same.But after a few years later, when they were married, John and Mary went on a dinner date again. Mary drops pasta on her dress, and John shouts at her, saying she is disgusting. When she forgets the house keys, he calls her stupid. The lesson is you choose the way you see people. If you always focus on their mistakes, your relationship will be bad. But try to see their positive side, and your relationship will improve.

Follow Your Heart

If you want to be happy in life and earn more money, then do something you love.However, there might be times when you may have to stick with your job for your family.But, in the long run, it will benefit you as you have done what was right.So, are there perfect jobs?For most of us, someone else’s job is always perfect. A nurse always thinks the doctor’s job is perfect. A sales agent thinks the sales manager’s job is perfect. But they do not realize that there is no such thing as a perfect job. It is just doing something for people what they cannot do while getting paid for it in return.If your job is frustrating, there are only two things you can do. You need to change your thinking or change your job.Tom says if his job were easier, he would be happier. Tom does not realize that if his life were easier, he would look for trouble himself. In the same way, people like playing golf because it is designed to drive them crazy.

Another thing that people do is label parts of their life as “work” or “play”. They consider work to be suffering from 9 to 5 and play is after that. But if you love what you are doing, you would never have to label it. You will give it your best.When you give your hundred percent, you are happier. Think about when you were in school, and your teacher gave you a homework. You would always go to school the next day after finishing your homework. Those were the days when you did your best. Back then, you worked hard to please your teacher. Now, you do not put in the effort since you work to please your spouse or your boss. Do not work to please other people. Do good work to please yourself. When you have given your best, you will feel satisfied because you did something worthwhile.If you are lazy, the universe will punish you. Think about the boxer who underestimates his opponent and gets punched in the face. Or the businessman who thinks less of his competition and loses his market share. When you give it your all, you are being professional. Think about the taxi driver who makes your trip pleasurable with a clean cab and a happy attitude. The taxi driver is happy because he enjoys his work and puts effort into it.

To have a clear perspective, you need to know who you are working for. A rude waiter spilt all the tea onto the saucer while saying bad things about his boss. The waiter does not understand that he does not work for his boss. He works for himself. His boss will never be perfect, and all of his colleagues may be lazy. But since the waiter has signed up for the job, he must do his best. In that way, he will be happy in life.When you are doing what you love and getting paid for it, that is a different kind of happiness. You are wrong if you think lying in a beach resort and having millions of dollars is something like that. Doing what you love means having a passion for something and putting all your creativity into it.Brandon says he does his job only because he is supposed to. But Brandon does not realize that if he spends his life doing something he does not like, he will have wasted it.So, if you are one of those people who do not know what they like, you probably stopped listening to yourself long ago.

For example, when you were a child, you used to play the piano, but your mother made you play baseball. You started doing what others told you to do and forget your passion.Also, sometimes, you make yourself think you like doing something because others expect you to. So, how will you discover your passion?When you notice yourself forgetting the time while doing something, then that might be your passion. You can try new things like photography on weekends. In a few years, you might earn more than you did from your regular job. Sure, you might have some events cancelled, or some clients may not pay you, but it is still worth it.When people do things they love, they do not worry about money. Since money is out of their mind, they tend to make more of it. Also, when you do what you love, you tend to need less money. Take Jake, for example. He is a businessman with a huge house, a farm and fancy cars. But Jake’s real passion is breeding horses. So, he leaves his business. Jake managed to provide for himself and his family. He does not really need the huge house and the cars. He only needs a small farm and a jeep.

When You Fight Life, Life Always Wins

There was once an old farmer who had a son and a horse. One day, the farmer’s horse runs away. All his neighbours came to him to console him in his bad luck. However, the old man only said he did not know whether it was bad or good luck. Within a week, the horse came back with twenty other wild horses. The neighbours came to the farmer to congratulate him on his good luck. But the old farmer only said he did not know whether it was good or bad luck.The following day, when his son was riding one of the wild horses, he fell down and broke his leg. The neighbours came to the farmer to console him in his bad luck. The next week, an army of soldiers arrived in the village looking for fit young men to fight in the war. But the farmer’s son was not taken because of his broken leg. The neighbours came to congratulate the farmer on his good luck. However, the old farmer only said he did not know whether it was good or bad.

The lesson is that there is nothing good or bad in life. It’s just a matter of how you see it. If you only focus on the bad side, that is all you will ever know.Have you noticed how you always find things to worry about? Take Bob, for example. He was on a twelve-hour flight.Beside him was a man who kept snoring every six seconds. Bob said to himself that he would be happy only when the man stopped snoring. However, the next minute, a baby on the seat behind him woke up from sleep and started screaming. Then, Bob said to himself that he would be happy if the baby stopped screaming even though the man beside him kept snoring.This is how the mind works. You set up rules for the world, and the moment one of the rules does not work, you get irritated. But let go of these rules, and you will find peace of mind.Have you noticed you feel happy when you help people? It is because you are there for one another. And you are loneliest when you only care about yourself. Dave says he wants to buy a house in the countryside and be secure with a pension after retirement. But is that security for real? His bank can collapse within a day, his house might catch fire, and jets may fall from the sky. The world is uncertain. But if you always worry about it, you will become a scared rabbit. Therefore, you can only do what you are supposed to do and deal with the situation.

To find peace of mind, practice being mindful. Concentrate on things instead of rushing them through. First, take as much time as you need to do something. You are always running for the bus, a flight or meetings. You do not even notice what you are doing. Practice focusing your attention on the little things you do, like the taste of food in your mouth or the words of a song, and then you will find peace of mind.You can even learn from the dogs. Take a dog out for a walk in the same place every day for years. See how it reacts to every smell and every sound. The dog explores and looks around the place every time. It is because to the dog, everything is new no matter how many times it has seen them.Why do you need to relax?Our lives are always busy. We are always doing something but never being something. But when you are relaxed, you can concentrate on things better, which lets you be better. Research proves that, on average, people who meditate daily live longer lives and maintain good health. Also, when you are relaxed, you attract relaxed people to you and also relaxed situations.

Your Mission in Life is Not to Change the World. Your Mission is to Change Yourself.

Have you noticed when you are mad that the world is trying to kill you? Accidents happen and you get injured. When you feel irritated, have you noticed people trying to abuse you?It is because the world is a mirror. If you are irritated, the people around you will also behave the same way. But when you are happy, the people around you will also be happy.That is why if something is wrong with your life, you have to look inside.People always think if something is not working, they can always change it. For example, if your wife is annoying, you can try to change her. If your job is boring, you can find another job.But when you change things in your life without changing yourself, they tend to happen again and again.If you are always trying to change the world around you, you will never find happiness. For example, if you are always picking at people’s weaknesses, saying things like they are fat or stupid, you are just giving reasons for trying to change the world. Sure, it’s your choice if you do not want to hang out with fat people. But you will go nowhere if you always have a checklist of what is right or wrong in your mind.

So, is there a path to happiness? If you imagine there is a place where people will be happy, then you are wrong. That is because happiness is being in the present, not in some place or time in the future.


First, you learned that disasters are important in life. Without disasters, we never learn anything. Disasters help us to open our eyes.Second, you learned that nothing in life could be achieved without effort. Even if you do not like your job, you should put effort into it because that little success opens the door to bigger opportunities.Third, you learned why positive thinking is important. When you think positively, positive things happen to you. But if you think negatively, problems happen one after another. Change your thinking, and your life will change dramatically.Fourth, you learned that doing what you love is important. When you get paid to do what comes naturally to you, it is more satisfying than anything. Even if you are making less than expected, it is worth it. In the long run, when you do not focus on money anymore, you tend to make more of it.Fifth, you learned how peace of mind could be achieved with meditation and the practice of mindfulness. Having a peaceful mind helps you focus better in life and makes you healthier.

Lastly, you learned that your mission in life is to change yourself. When you accept the people around you, it means you are accepting the world as it is. The path to happiness means being happy in the present, not at a certain time in the future.To find your purpose in life, you do not have to wander in the wilderness. You can find it here by accepting the people around you and improving yourself. Look inside you, and you will find the answer to your problems.You can choose to see a world where there is only pain and suffering. Or you can choose to see a world full of love and kindness. The key to your happiness is within you. Find a reason to be happy in each moment.

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