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Follow Your Heart Summary In English

Why should you read this summary? Maybe you are bored with your job. Maybe you are annoyed at the person next to you. Maybe you are wondering when you will be happy, rich or successful. Maybe you are searching for your purpose in life. This book is for you. Here you will learn lessons and … Read more

Start With Why Summary In English

Start With Why About Book Why you should read this book Start with why means start with the purpose. People buy a product not because of the cool features or the complicated methods to make it. The question is what your company can do for the customers and what your product means to them. If … Read more

See You at the Top Summary In English

See You at the Top  About Book Why you should read this book If you feel like you’re at the bottom now, Zig Ziglar says that you only need six steps to be on the top. They are self-image, relationship, goals, attitude, work, and desire. Take these steps and the door of opportunities, happiness, riches, … Read more

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Summary In English

Atal Bihari Vajpayee About Book Why you should read this book If you want to learn more about Atalji, the Parliament, and politics, you should read this book. Atalji is an inspiration to set aside political rivalry and differences in ideology to make tangible reforms and developments. He dedicated most of his life to the … Read more


THE ONE-MINUTE MANAGER About Book THE ONE-MINUTE MANAGER THE ONE-MINUTE MANAGER  Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D. Spencer Johnson, M.D. Introduction Do you want to know an effective way to manage people? Do you want to know how to be an effective manager? How do you bring about productivity and happiness in your group? Believe it or not, … Read more

You Can Win Summary In English

You Can Win About Book You Can Win: A Step-by-Step Tool for Top Achievers Introduction Have you ever had a dream that you want so badly but somehow it never came true? Have you ever watched people succeed in achieving their dreams while you didn’t?  Yes, we have all been there someday. Some people seem … Read more

Good to Great Summary In English

Good to Great About Book Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t  James C. Collins Quick Summary: Being good will stop you from being great. Why start off as an average person who’s just good enough when you can start … Read more

The Audacity Of Hope Summary In English

The Audacity Of Hope About Book Why you should read this book The audacity of Hope was written by Barack Obama when he was still a senator. You would learn more about his life and his ideals in this book. Obama hoped for a better America. His love for his country and people is truly … Read more